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Here's what I have to offer. If you are unsure about anything then drop me a line. No sales pitch, I promise. Even if you book a session there is no pressure to carry on. Therapy works much better with clients who want to be there!


Web-based services

If you are not local or simply prefer it, I can also offer counselling via Skype or internet chat services. To find out more, please get in touch. 


Individual Therapy


One-to-one, face-to-face sessions in a designated counselling room in Balham, SW London. Home visits are also possible if you have mobility issues. Please ask for more information. 

Costs: Initial Consultation £20 then £50 (50 minute session)

Concessions: £40 (students/over 65/lower income)



Couples & Other Relationships
If your issues relate to a relationship you may want to explore this with those involved.
Costs: £75 for 90 minute session (2-3 people)


Workplace Counselling

Offering Counselling services to your staff makes for a happier, healthier workforce. I can provide on-site counselling for your employees (London area), either working independently or alongside existing services. Normal hourly rates apply i.e. £50/hour + travel expenses if outside local area. 


Group therapy can be a cost-effective way of accessing talking therapies and getting some great support. If you know a group of people with shared interests or issues then please get in touch as I am happy to set up and facilitate group work.

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